Welcome to Baby Starship Token

Explore the Universe with Baby Starship John Crypto Enthusiast, a lifelong space exploration enthusiast, has created the "Baby Starship" token with a vision to push the boundaries of our imagination. Inspired by Elon Musk and SpaceX's interstellar journeys, John designed this token to be more than just a cryptocurrency.

Logo du token Baby Starship
baby take off with a rocket

What is Baby Starship?

Baby Starship is more than your typical cryptocurrency. It's a bold vision for the future, a digital token designed to support space exploration, research, and groundbreaking technology development. By investing in Baby Starship, you become a key player in the quest for the great beyond.



4% Buy & SELL


Earn 2% in Doge-1 Mission To The Moon.



1% automatically added to liquidity pool.



1% allocated for marketing and promotions.

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10.06993 BNB
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Q3 2023
Website and socials launchedcheckbox checked
Presale on Pinsalecheckbox checked
Marketing Callscheckbox checked
Website V2checkbox checked
Q4 2023
Build Whitepapercheckbox checked
Listing on Coinmarketcap & coingeckocheckbox unchecked
Listing on Cex like Bitgetcheckbox unchecked
Q2 2024
Launching a Staking System.checkbox unchecked
Q3 2024
Developing the Next Steps of the Token's Community Engagement Strategy.checkbox unchecked

Who is John?

John Crypto Enthousiast Profil
John crypto enthousiast, an avid crypto enthusiast hailing from England, crossed paths with the Doge-1 token community during his investment ventures. He forged an almost instantaneous connection with them. However, as time passed, signs of fragility began to manifest within the token. Trusting his heart's call, John swiftly embarked on a journey to resuscitate Doge-1. He took to creating videos, crafting tweets, and even publicly revealed his identity (doxxed) in a valiant attempt to reignite the project. Regrettably, despite his unwavering efforts, the token's team made the heart-wrenching decision to abandon the endeavor, liquidating all of its assets. Undeterred, John, in collaboration with Matt Crypto, set out to repurchase the smart contract and website domain. Since that fateful day, he has dedicated himself tirelessly, offering both his time and financial resources to satisfy the community. He resurrected the website, reestablished a Telegram group, and undertook video campaigns to announce to the world that a new cryptocurrency had been born, with aspirations to reach the moon.